Why Market On Social Media

Why should you market on Social media? That's easy, Facebook alone has 2.27 BILLION ACTIVE USERS! Business owners are going crazy just trying to get people to check their business out. Social Media is a POWERFUL marketing tool in todays times. It is a massive tool to be utilized in any marketing campaign. Since everyone is on social media more then they live it is a given why social media should be used for your business.

Take “NO” as a learning Experience!

The marketing industry can be tough at times. You’ll likely receive more rejections than you would like when starting off your marketing career. But like everything else, there is a learning process and confidence you build over time that increases your chances of future clients saying YES!! Make sure to treat every “No” as a learning experience to refine your selling skills and find new ways of building rapport with your potential clients. As they say “Each NO will bring you closer to a YES!”

Is Cold Calling Beneficial?

Cold calling is exactly how it sounds… cold and not really a good way to leave a first impression on a prospect. Cold calling has a very high failure rate at 95% or more in rejections. As a business, your first impression on a potential prospect shouldn’t be over the phone but should be in person. Build a good rapport and relationship with your prospects for the sale and for future business.